The proven section technology of the Bochumer Eisenhütte and our many years of mining experience are also applied in tunnelling. At the beginning of the 1980s, lattice girders found their way into modern tunnel construction. Today, in addition to the TH and mine support sections, they significantly contribute to mining and tunnelling innovation, together with shotcrete.

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With the lattice girder system “Starke Welle” [Strong Wave], the Bochumer Eisenhütte has developed a supporting arch that has established itself worldwide in the construction of subways, caverns, canals, railway tunnels, and road tunnels. Our company developed the technical concept of today’s lattice girder systems in addition to the TH profile – a patented BE innovation. Our know-how spans from individual consulting and design to the development of alternative solutions, if necessary.


Our customers and references include well-known national and international construction companies from the fields of structural engineering, mining construction, tunnel construction, gallery construction, sewer construction, road construction, as well as infrastructure.