Do something good and talk about it – Donation to KiTa Lummerland in Bochum-Dahlhausen

After we learnt that the daycare centre for children near the river Ruhr had to experience immense damage due to the flooding, the management team of Bochumer Eisenhütte decided without further ado to donate the content of a money box – filled for various reasons – to the KiTa operated by a parents’ initiative.

After the heavy rain flooded the entire ground floor with various playrooms and the children’s dormitory and devastated the beautiful adventure playground with water contaminated with waste oil, the reconstruction work is now pending.

With our donation of 700 €, we would like to support the work, so that the children can use the KiTa again very soon.

Mrs. Suermann, the head of the KiTa, was so touched and overjoyed by the initiative that she would have liked to embrace our plant manager, Mr. Arno Depping.

Our heart doesn’t just revolve around for steel!

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