Steel is our passion

We, the inventors of the TH section, are the leading supplier of support materials for mining and tunnelling. Our heat treatment technology sets us apart from the competition in various ways. We want to maintain and consolidate our leading position by developing and manufacturing innovative products and processes. Why? Because our world revolves around steel.



The Bochumer Eisenhütte is synonymous with steel and safety. Our products ensure that focus is placed on the safety concept in national and international mining and tunnelling. We additionally emphasise occupational safety in production.


Our range of shoring products – including our most famous product, holder of the oldest patent, the TH profile and its further developments – is firmly established amongst professionalsall over the world. Specialists know that the entire range offers truly unrivalled quality.

The newly established Steel-Center marks a new beginning for the venerable Bochumer Eisenhütte, which has a history dating back to 1851. It allows for a future-proof company that can offer its employees job safety.

The Bochumer Eisenhütte, with a focus on mid-sized companies, stands out through its exceptional focus on the customer – with very short processing times in order handling, processing, and shipment. In addition, thanks to the in-house and accredited test laboratory, we can always determine specifications on the mechanical and technological properties of the steel to be processed in the short-term.

Our company philosophy is to serve our customers as their trusted technology partner. The metallurgy, tempering, and steel-processing competences required to operate our Steel Centre are a matter of course for us, as are our methodical competences in project management – required for accreditation and successfully audited. Our highly effective and differentiated quenching technology in tempering is also worth mentioning.

The logistical opportunities available to the Bochumer Eisenhütte are an important driver behind the company’s efficiency. This particularly includes the railway connection with internal shunting of wagons even without locomotive, as well as delivery and acceptance of trucks on workdays between 6 am and 10 pm.


Ever since its founding in 1851, the Bochumer Eisenhütte has been actively and passionately dedicating itself to mining for over 165 years! In 1932, Heinrich Toussaint and Egmont Heintzmann truly revolutionised the construction of underground mining sections and their invention – the TH section – is named after them for good reason.


The newly established Steel-Center marks a new beginning in the history of the venerable Bochumer Eisenhütte, dating back to 1851. It ensures that our company is ready to meet future challenges and ensures continued job security for our employees.